Transitions LifeCare – HomeHealth Eligibility

HomeHealth Eligibility


Who is eligible for Transitions HomeHealth?

Patients with a progressive illness are eligible for Transitions HomeHealth services if they are under the care of a physician who verifies continued medical care is necessary; they are confined to their home except for occasional, short trips; and skilled nursing care is required on an intermittent basis.

Some key questions to evaluate if Transitions HomeHealth is appropriate include:

  • Does the patient have a chronic condition that can be treated but not reversed?
  • Does the patient need to visit his or her physician more than once a month?
  • Has there been a weight loss or gain of more than 10 pounds in 30 days?
  • Does the patient have problems with blood pressure or with an irregular heart rhythm?
  • Does the patient get short of breath after walking less than 20 feet or while performing normal activities of daily living, such as bathing, eating or getting dressed?

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