Transitions LifeCare – PalliativeCare Eligibility

PalliativeCare Eligibility


Who is eligible for Transitions PalliativeCare?

While eligibility to hospice services is restricted to a terminal diagnosis and a life expectancy of about six months, that is not the case with palliative care.

Transitions PalliativeCare may be appropriate for anyone who is:

  • Diagnosed with any advanced illness
  • Undergoing curative treatment or therapies
  • Interested in remaining as active and comfortable as possible
  • Desiring additional support to cope with advanced illness

Patients are eligible to receive palliative care consultations from our physicians and nurse practitioners to address unresolved symptoms or for end-of-life planning and decision making. These services are provided to patients living at home, assisted living facilities and skilled nursing homes. Patients may even receive services from Transitions PalliativeCare while undergoing treatment at hospitals and in combination with Transitions HomeHealth. Palliative care can be requested for patients who are not eligible to receive hospice services in a skilled facility due to the specifics of their insurance coverage.

Need a no-obligation assessment to see if Transitions PalliativeCare is right for you or a loved one? Call 919-828-0890 and just ask.

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