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GriefCare for Children & Teens – Schools


Grief support services in schools

Transitions GriefCare offers many of our grief services in the public and private schools in Wake County. These programs aim to reach children and teens for whom transportation to our offices may be difficult to arrange or when coordinating work and school schedules for office visits may be a challenge.

These school services occur during school hours, and there is no cost for the school to participate in any of these services. All materials are supplied by Transitions GriefCare.

All participants in these programs are welcome and invited to participate in the other programs through Transitions GriefCare, such as our support groups, Camp Reflections, workshops, etc.

In-school Programs

Our school programs include the following:

  • Support groups: these 6-week programs help children and teens connect with and relate to others at their school who have experienced a loss. Groups meet once a week and are co-led with the school’s counselor or social worker. Participants in the group will have a variety of types of losses (e.g., loss of parent, loss of grandparent, loss of sibling).
  • "Aarvy Aardvark Finds Hope" puppet show: This 30-minute puppet show with a guided facilitation portion for 3rd and 4th grade classrooms in Wake County provides gentle education about grief feelings and reactions and ways to cope with a range of loss circumstances (such as moving, divorce, death, etc.).
  • Grief psychoeducational sessions: These one-time visits to groups of preteens or teens provide grief education, explore common grief reactions, and teach ways to cope.
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