Transitions LifeCare – GriefCare for Children & Teens

GriefCare for Children & Teens


Special support for those 17 and younger

Children and teens who experience the death of a loved one can feel lonely, afraid and “different” from their peers. Getting a child (age 4 or older) or a teen involved in one of the Transitions GriefCare programs allows him or her to connect with others of similar age who have experienced a loss through death, understand they are not alone and learn strategies to cope with their grief. Counseling is available on an individual and group basis; for more information on group workshops and events, refer to our Support Groups and Workshops page.

Grief camp for children and teens
Camp Reflections is a weekend day camp for children and teens (ages 5 through 14) who have experienced the death of a loved one. The camp includes activities such as music, arts and crafts, and games. Grief-related activities are conducted in small and large group settings and are led by trained facilitators.  Learn more.

Grief support in schools
Transitions GriefCare offers many of our grief services in the public and private schools of Wake County. These programs are designed to reach children and teens for whom transportation to our Grief Centers may be difficult to arrange or when coordinating school and work schedules for office visits may be a challenge.  Learn more.

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