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Family Support Volunteers


Family Support Volunteers

What do family support volunteers do?

  • Listen actively
  • Visit with patients and families to provide companionship and support
  • Provide respite care for the caregiver
  • Share common interests such as sports, gardening, crafts, history, etc.
  • Read to patients
  • Write letters
  • Play games
  • Run errands
  • Listen to music or share musical talents
  • Prepare a meal or the care of a child
  • Assist patient in writing life review activities such as journaling or organizing memorabilia

Family Support Volunteers generally visit hospice patients once or twice a week for 1 to 4 hours per visit. Volunteers are matched with patients according to the nature of the request, the time availability and preferences of the volunteer and a shared geographic location.

Bereavement Support

Some volunteers may choose to offer their support during the bereavement period without prior assignment to the family and loved ones. Bereavement volunteers work with the Bereavement Coordinator to provide emotional comfort through visits, calls, cards, facilitating support groups, and during special days and events.

How to Become a Volunteer

To learn more about how to become a volunteer, go to our Become a Volunteer page.


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