Transitions LifeCare is committed to providing outstanding learning opportunities to future healthcare leaders and providers. We believe that by exposing students to first-hand experiences with patients and families facing serious life-limiting or terminal illness, we can de-mystify common misconceptions many have about death and end-of-life care.

Transitions LifeCare has received national recognition as a high quality, leading provider of palliative and end-of-life care serving families in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Students are selected to participate as visitors or interns to see first-hand how an interdisciplinary team provides high quality, compassionate, patient-centered care in our community.

Visitor / Shadowing Experience

Shadowing and observing out staff provides insights into daily work. Visitor opportunities are one to five days and can be clinical or non-clinical/administrative. As a shadow, you won’t provide any direct patient contact or care.

Internship Experience

Each internship is unique, suited to your program and goals. A clinical intern visits patients and may or may not provide hands-on patient care. An administrative intern assists with administrative and office projects and does not visit patients or provide care.

Student Careers FAQ

How do I apply for a shadowing experience?
How do you choose interns?
Is my school pre-approved?
How do I apply for a shadowing experience?

Visitors must complete the Student Application and the HIPAA/Confidentiality Form (provided upon arrival on campus).

How do you choose interns?

Internships are limited and competitive, and we give priority placement to students from pre-approved schools and programs. We select interns on a case-by-case basis depending on the student’s goals and our staff’s availability to meet those goals.

Is my school pre-approved?

We have pre-approved the following schools:

  • UNC School of Nursing – all programs within the Nursing School
  • UNC School of Social Work
  • UNC School of Medicine
  • Wake Tech Nursing School
  • UNC-G School of Nursing – all programs within the Nursing School
  • UNC-Charlotte College of Health and Human Services
  • Duke Graduate School of Nursing
  • East Carolina University – all Health Sciences including Medical and Dental Schools
  • Winston-Salem State School of Nursing
  • Queens University in Charlotte – Nursing
  • NC State University School of Social Work
  • Campbell University School of Medicine
  • Simmons School of Nursing and Health Sciences
  • Grand Canyon University School of Nursing
What if my school isn’t pre-approved?
How do I apply for an internship?
What if my school isn’t pre-approved?

You can still apply. If your school isn’t pre-approved, we will consider it on a case-by-case basis. A valid contract must be approved between us and the school prior to student acceptance.

How do I apply for an internship?

All students interested in an internship must complete the Student Application. Upon review of the application, a representative from our Education Department will contact you.

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