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40th Anniversary

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1979 Hospice of Wake County | In the beginning, just 1 doctor & 2 nurses. Charter as a non-profit corporation. Campus built. Nurses & spiritual care counselors & social workers & nurse aides & volunteers & nurse practitioners & doctors. Name change. Kids at Camp Reflections, kids on hospice. Harold saluted the flag. Lucy came for grief counseling. Reid dedicated our campus. Melinda wed in the spiritual sanctuary. Palliative care gave Sophia more time with her grandchildren. Barbara lived in the Hospice Home for 10 days. Resources for caregivers. Home health doubled in size. Life changing. | Transitions LifeCare 2019

Tell us about your memories of Transitions LifeCare/Hospice of Wake County. Stories will be shared going forward throughout 2019. Share your memory.

Interview with Bill Lamb

40th Anniversary

Great thanks to Bill Lamb, board member in the early 1980s. Bill shared some of his recollections with Nicole Clagett around our 40th anniversary. Listen to the interview by clicking here.

Some nuggets from Bill:

  • “Hospice is more about living than it is about dying.”
  • In the case of Bill’s brother who was our patient, there was “the intervention the hospice people were able to make for his grandchildren.”
  • Transitions has the history, the inpatient facility, and the breadth and care and being part of the community that other providers don’t have, as well as a rich volunteer base.
  • How can leadership keep everyone fueled? Stay true to the mission. Support themselves and staff the same way they support patients and families. Keep the personal connection.

Photo Memories

Shared Memories

Click on each pull-out to read the whole quote. the place they loved best..

“Your hospice staff enabled both of my parents to be able to die in the place they loved best – at home. The gentle spirit of everyone involved was a great source of comfort and security to my sister and me. Thanks for everything hospice did to support our plan to keep them home and die peacefully.”

– from a healthcare provider who experienced our service first-hand

...I will be forever grateful...

“Last year, our mom was diagnosed with an incurable cancer…As her health deteriorated and her final stages came closer, we discussed hospice. We were faced suddenly with the decision to send her to the Hospice Home…The staff at the Hospice Home surrounded us with support and comfort, but beyond that they showered our mom with respect, kindness, love, and peace even past her last breath. All the staff was outstanding, but nurses Pam and Mitzi both opened their arms and hearts to me in a way that I can never thank them enough for. Their compassion got me through the most difficult moments of my life, and I will be forever grateful for that.”

– from a family member

...the best palliative care services...

“Fantastic partnership caring for patients with heart failure in Wake County and beyond. Easily the best palliative care services in the Triangle. Congrats on your success and [I] look forward to continue working with you.”

– from a healthcare provider

...from a folksy non-profit to a well-run organization...

“My favorite memory as a 10+ year Board member has been watching Hospice of Wake County grow from a folksy non-profit to a well-run, well-respected, successful organization, now known as Transitions LifeCare. Many people gave their hearts and souls along the way, but none more than Dr. Billy Dunlap who has very rarely missed a single meeting or moment of this amazing metamorphosis.”

– from a Board Member amazing and fulfilling experience...

“As a pet volunteer, I have incredible satisfaction in knowing that my dog Maggie and I make an impact on quality of life for our patients. One man declared that all he wanted for the rest of his life was to ‘have a dog lie at my feet.’ To see him smile when Maggie did just that – flopped down on the floor by his feet – was an amazing and fulfilling experience for all of us!”

– from a volunteer

...someone to encourage his spirit...

“My favorite story or memory about [Transitions LifeCare] is being in a patient’s home where the family was busy about the house trying to do things to make the patient comfortable. The patient was laying in his hospital bed watching all of the commotion, and I just went over to the bed and started reading to him from the Bible on the nightstand. He started crying and the wife and other family came into the room trying to understand his tears. He told his wife that in all of the commotion they were making, it took a stranger to come in and show them what he wanted – someone to hold his hand and encourage his spirit.”

– from a staff member

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