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Palliative Care

…additional layer of support in navigating their medical care. Your primary care provider or specialist can refer you to Transitions PalliativeCare as an add-on to the care they are already providing. Patients can continue seeing their providers, receiving treatment, and…
Transitions PalliativeCare
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What is Palliative Care?

Discover practical insights on what palliative care offers and how we at Transitions LifeCare can be a resource for those seeking to manage the pain and symptoms that accompany a serious life-limiting illness. This conversation will help to lead you…
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Executive Team

Our Team Our Executive Team Laura Patel Laura Patel, MD, HMDC, FAAHPM Chief Executive Officer Chief Medical Officer Dr. Patel joined Transitions LifeCare in 2013 as medical director and now serves as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Medical Officer where…
Executive Dr. Laura Patel
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“Nothing is guaranteed”

…Transitions PalliativeCare who are willing to work together to identify policyholder and community needs – and provide solutions – are paving the way for a brighter healthcare future. This is only part of Kelly’s story. Great thanks to all at…
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Pediatric – Transitions Kids

…benefits of TK is the ability to provide coordination among the multiple specialists many of our families see. As an independent agency, we work collaboratively with the local hospitals and specialty clinics. This often allows for more seamless care, better…
transitions kids logo
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Hospice Care

…care doctor, we can provide one for you. Call us at 919.828.0890 for more information. Transitions HospiceCare’s team comprises a variety of experienced professionals, including those certified in hospice and palliative care, who are employed by our organization. Your team…
Transitions HospiceCare
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