It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the tasks of caregiving. Mini-breaks are an easy way to replenish your energy and lower your stress. Try simple activities like taking a walk around the block or closing your eyes for 10 minutes in a comfortable chair. Taking time for yourself is not selfish – it’s necessary. You are working hard to provide and secure the best care for your loved one.

Time spent recharging your mind and body will allow you to avoid depression or burnout. Research shows the person you’re caring for benefits most when you are healthy and your life is balanced.

Seek ways to rejuvenate your spirit. Everyone holds beliefs about life, its meaning and value. Many people have a spiritual dimension, whether or not they subscribe to a particular religion. Feeling spiritually connected can provide comfort and may also help you to put your situation into perspective. Prayer, meditation and other spiritual practices can ease distress. Finding your own ways to meet this need may also help you recharge.

-by Nicole Bruno, Community Educator

SamUhl, personal historian, is a  member and former vice president of the Association of Personal Historians, a worldwide group of professionals who help preserve and share the important stories of people, families, communities and organizations.  Sam shares a unique perspective on how you can use journaling to release stress and reenergize: