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Volunteer Training & Education


Training & Education

Volunteer training is held in our administrative offices throughout the year. You may choose the date and location that best suit your needs, regardless of where you live.  Email the Volunteer Department for the next scheduled training dates.

Topics Covered in Training

  • An overview of the hospice philosophy and Transitions LifeCare
  • The role of the Family Support Volunteer
    • 1. Communication skills
    • 2. Boundaries
    • 3. Stress management
    • 4. Policies and Procedures
  • The roles of the members of the interdisciplinary team
  • The hospice patient and family
    • 1. Concepts of death and dying
    • 2. Care and comfort measures
    • 3. Diseases and medical conditions
    • 4. Psychosocial and spiritual issues related to death and dying
    • 5. Cultural diversity
  • Grief and loss
    • 1. Self awareness of grief
    • 2. Stages and responses to grief

Continuing Education and Support Activities

Transitions LifeCare Volunteer Services understands the importance of providing ongoing support to its volunteers. Each new volunteer is offered the opportunity to work with an experienced volunteer who has received additional training.

Supportive activities are held monthly to offer all volunteers an opportunity to meet with colleagues to share the experiences as a volunteer with Transitions LifeCare.

Continuing educational programs are also offered monthly to enhance volunteers' roles through skill development and the exploration of patients' and caregivers' insights. Volunteers are also offered the opportunity to attend additional educational programs offered by the agency.

How to Become a Volunteer

To learn more about how to become a volunteer, go to our Become a Volunteer page.

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