If you are new to caregiving, you may have heard of geriatric care managers and have no idea what they are.  A geriatric care manager is a professional who helps you and your loved one find resources, make decisions, and manage stress.  This person may be a social worker, nurse, gerontologist, counselor, or other professional.

A geriatric care manager coordinates care and services to meet the full social, emotional, physical, and healthcare needs of your loved one.  Because geriatric care managers don't specialize in all areas, you will want to find one who has experience in dealing with your specific needs.

The geriatric care manager will:

  • conduct an in-person assessment (this will allow the care manager to understand your needs and perform services specifically to meet your and your loved one’s needs)
  • make a care plan (includes the results of the assessment, recommendations, and referrals for local community options)
  • arrange services (once services have been agreed upon, you will prioritize needs and the geriatric care manager will make necessary contacts)
  • monitor needs (regular monitoring is important to identify needed adjustments to the care plan)

Engaging the services of a geriatric care manager can help improve the quality of your loved one’s life as well as your own.