Life for the loved one you are caring for often feels bleak.  Bringing more joy into the situation will encourage good health and help life be more enjoyable.  Adding pleasurable activities and encouraging social contact are good ways to bring back some of that joy.  When planning these activities, make sure it is approved by your loved one’s physician.  There are many activities that can improve the quality of life and bring back some joy.

Here are some ideas to help:

  • Encourage friends and family to visit
  • Be honest about limitations
  • Suggest others sends cards, letters, or make a short phone call
  • Help put visitors at ease
  • Suggest activities for visits such as reading aloud, walking outside, playing or watching a game together
  • Adult centers often offer supervised activities
  • Online support groups
  • Eat a meal together
  • Get outside
  • Do activities together
  • Record family stories
  • Reminisce together

-Nicole B., community educator