My first year as a volunteer I wanted to participate in the Night of Remembrance service, mainly because my father had talked about how much the care provided by the local hospice that took care of my mother had meant to him.

As with most volunteer opportunities I have participated in at Transitions LifeCare, I met a new friend, had a few laughs, and had moments when my heart was touched.  Our first task to prepare for the event was to pull out the luminary “boxes” (that were stored in stacks in the off season) and place candles in each.  This sounds like a fairly easy task until you realize that plastic boxes seem to suction themselves together if they are stacked together!  We developed some interesting methods to attempt to separate the boxes – some more successful than others but each rather entertaining if you were not the one attempting the task.

On the night of the service I met several families that had been touched by the organization and were obviously in different stages of dealing with the loss of one of their own.  To some I became someone to share with, to others a resource for information but in every case a connection to the organization that had supported their loved one and family.

-by Sandy S., Volunteer